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Whilst our primary focus is our billing software we have the skills and experience to deliver additional bespoke projects related to billing, customer care or reporting.  These special projects fall outside the normal day to day requests made by our customers and are more complicated and time-consuming pieces of work.

Past software development examples include:

  • bespoke in-house databases
  • integration between existing web portals and billing software
  • customer provisioning portals
  • management or customer reporting modules

Not always software related, other past examples include:

  • Billing support, advice and validation when looking to acquire other companies
  • Data manipulation and integration with regard to new customers
  • Formal reviews of reporting packages used within the business
  • Unique reporting modules tailored to a particular business model
  • Advanced application linking in order to processes data in and out of Eclipse from other applications

Charges and timescales will be agreed in advance of the project commencing. A dedicated project manager will oversee the project from inception to completion giving you a single point of contact throughout the work.

If you have a bespoke project, give us a call for a no obligation discussion and we will let you know if it’s something we can do.  Even if it’s not, we may well know someone that can.

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