Managed Billing

A professional managed billing service

Our ‘Outsourced Billing Manager’ service provides a halfway house or a stepping-stone between bureau billing and a self managed option. It provides an ideal opportunity for your staff to become fully proficient in the billing process, over an extended period of time, whilst receiving the full support of our experienced team.

This managed billing service enables resellers to enjoy the benefits of a professional billing platform managed by an experienced and knowledgeable billing team, with a view to increasing your control and visibility when the time is right.

Customers often gain the most value from using this service when internal resource would be better focused elsewhere, in the first six to twelve months of setting up, or when moving from a bureau service. We will fully document your process and ensure that at least two members of our team understand your specific requirements.

Key benefits

  • No reliance on a single person – access to a dedicated team of experienced billing professionals
  • Support for billing queries and reporting requirements
  • Advice on potential margin improvements, tariff set-up and rating options
  • Allow your team become proficient over a period of time and learn-as-you-go
  • Make a step-change towards self-managed billing and greater control of a critical business process

How does it work and who does what?

With our Outsourced Billing Manager service your staff have access to the billing platform to view, add or amend customer information, such as CLI’s, lines, products and services and to review previous billing

The intricacies are all managed by us, leaving you to run your business, while we manage the billing. Once required we will provide full training and hold your hand until you are ready to self-manage the process. You are not reliant on a single employee being in control of one of the most critical elements of any telecoms resale business, as we guarantee that at least two members of our experienced billing team will fully understand your billing requirements.

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If you’d like Inform Billing to manage more of the process, take a look at our Bureau Billing service

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