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Billing SaaS applications

Posted on:Thursday January 12, 2017

Whilst the flexibility of Inform Billing’s Eclipse platform means that it provides the facility to accurately bill SaaS applications, accuracy is often dependent on the quality of the data feeds for SaaS services.

Eclipse was designed to bill different services from various suppliers, for multiple clients in large quantities. A monthly charge for SaaS is in many ways similar to a monthly line rental – both have a quantity, a cost and a start and end time. The complexity arises because with SaaS applications, the frequency of change is likely to be higher as users tend to switch applications on and off more regularly meaning the number of transactions is dramatically higher.

A granular level of detail is required in the data file to minimise the need for manual intervention. SaaS is an area that has grown significantly in recent times and is evolving to reduce the manual implications of accurately keeping on top of these transactions.

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