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Bureau billing

Enjoy the benefits of a professional billing platform managed by an experienced and knowledgeable billing team.


Independent bureau billing

Our bureau billing service enables you to focus on building your business, safe in the knowledge that a professional team is looking after your monthly bill run.

Whilst referring to you for decisions of a commercial nature, we will take advantage of the full-feature set of the Eclipse NG billing platform, maximising margins and customer satisfaction as well as ensuring timely and accurate billing.


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Bureau billing

Key benefits

Simple, easy set-up

We can get you up and running and trained on the system, all within two weeks of you signing with us.

Freedom to choose your own suppliers – all suppliers/ carriers are supported

We’re completely independent so not only can you bill any supplier, but we integrate with multiple carriers too.

No reliance on a single person – access to a dedicated team of experienced billing professionals

We guarantee that your process with be documented and at least two members of our experienced billing team will fully understand your billing requirements.

We take care of tariff set-up and rating options

Managing some of the complexities of billing for you, we will make set up and quick and simple as possible.

We can provide support for billing queries, reporting requirements and advise on potential margin improvements

Our experienced billing team will advise on reports to help you make informed decisions and highlight areas in need of further attention.

Easy to transfer to self-managed billing when the time is right

If and when the time is right, we can seamlessly support you to confidently manage your billing on an ongoing basis.

How does it work and who does what?

With our Bureau Billing Service, your staff have access to view, add or amend customer information, such as CLI’s, lines, products and services and to review previous billing information.

The intricacies are all managed by us, leaving you to run your business, while we manage the billing. Our bureau billing service avoids you being reliant on a single employee, having one person in control of one of the most critical elements of any telecoms resale business. We guarantee that your process will be documented and at least two members of our experienced billing team will fully understand your billing requirements.

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Initial Set-Up

What you do

What we do

Complete set-up forms

Set up your billing platform

Attend online training sessions where you will choose your invoice style and the level of information you want to provide to customers

Provide guidance notes and remote training on the Eclipse NG software

Add customer accounts and CLIs and pick tariffs

Set up tariffs and rating options (although you can do this if you’d prefer)

Add customer accounts and CLIs and pick tariffs

Obtain call & rental files and ensure they can be imported

Set up your branded bill style and Enlighten portal (if required)

Document the process of your bill run ensuring all intricacies are recorded. If you choose to move to self-managed billing in the future we will provide this to make the transition easier for you.

The Bill Run

What you do

What we do

Add customer accounts and CLIs and pick tariffs, prior to the bill run

Create a support ticket to capture two-way progress

Respond to any queries raised by us

Obtain and import call & rental files from your suppliers

Approve reports and sign off bills

Check any errors and make corrections including removing duplicate calls

Send queries to you - such as calls you have been charged for, but have not been set-up against a customer. This ensures you are not missing out on revenue

Generate bills and check they include all the required information and are well presented

Send all bills to you for approval via a single PDF, along with a range of standard P&L reports highlighting any potential areas of concern

Send out PDF bills by email - from your chosen email address

Upload bills to Enlighten (if required

Create an archive providing the ability for you to view, download or print past bills from Eclipse

Send over Direct Debit and/or accountancy files for you to upload to your systems. Please note that we do not collect Direct Debits on your behalf

Secure data storage and free upgrades

The Eclipse NG billing software is hosted by us in our secure data centre. All upgrades to the system are included in the monthly fee, as is initial training and ongoing support.

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Outstanding support

We pride ourselves on providing a high level of training and support, enabling you to get the most from our products. Our warm and responsive team go above and beyond to support you to hit deadlines and fulfil commitments to your customers; our Billing Services team work tirelessly every month to help you bill your customers on time.

Meet our expert team

Since moving to Eclipse we have halved the bill run and have never ever got bills out as early in the month as we do now!  Our team is jumping for joy because they now have two weeks in every month to look at internal processes.  Before it was a vicious circle of completing the bill run, having a week to deal with queries and issue credits and then straight back onto the next bill run.  Now we can breathe.

Paul Hallam

Operations Director

Having a billing partner that works as an extension to our team, who understands the market and whose platform has the flexibility to meet our diverse customer requirements, has been fundamental in achieving our growth. We deal with several large telcos who all seem to struggle with billing, whilst Eclipse NG takes data from 1.9 million of our SIMs and copes admirably.

Tony Mann

Operations Director

As an IT company, we’re passionate about using technology to improve business performance and bring about greater efficiencies for the team. Since partnering with Inform Billing we have eradicated manual processing and reduced our resource commitment to billing by 50%. We would definitely recommend them.

James Healey

Chief Operating Officer

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