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Eclipse NG

Eclipse NG is a full end-to-end online billing solution designed to make billing customers as quick and easy as possible – maximising time and revenue whilst being flexible enough to meet the need of your customers.

Whilst our background is in telecoms, our award-winning software is used for range of consumption, subscription and event-based billing scenarios. Discover how we can help you deliver flexible and profitable commercial offerings, designed with your customer in mind.

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Eclipse NG

Why use Eclipse NG?

Total web application

Eclipse NG has been designed with usability in mind. Following over a decade of development, we know how users navigate and want to use a billing platform; Eclipse NG makes operating complex software simple.

Quick call & charge importing

Eclipse NG imports calls quicker than ever before; automatically collecting millions of CDRs from multiple carriers without the need to wait around.

Accurate rating & verification

Our flexible rating engine enables you to be creative with your commercials, safe in the knowledge that you will be able to accurately bill. Cutting-edge revenue assurance tools validate both calls and other supplier invoice values, ensuring you are neither absorbing costs nor overcharging.

Intelligent reporting

Not only does Eclipse NG come supplied with a range of standard reports for both customer and data related information, an almost unlimited range of bespoke reports can be created using the in-built report generators.

Multiple billing outputs

Flexibility to meet customer billing requirements is key. Eclipse NG enables you to select standard billing outputs, whilst also being able to tailor your approach to the needs of specific customers. You can also make the most of what is an effective communication method by adding announcements or promotional messages to your bills.

Safe & secure

Eclipse NG is offered fully hosted in our secure environment. With robust disaster recovery servers in place, we can guarantee minimal disruption and excellent availability rates.



The Enlighten billing portal enables your end-customers to easily view, download and analyse their billing information. Our premium version also features self-service options as well as additional monitoring and access functionality. Securely hosted by us, Enlighten can be branded to match your own corporate identity and can be accessed from your website.

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Why use Enlighten?

24/7 account access

Through Enlighten your customers can view their charges and itemisations, as and when they need to – both for the current period and historically over the past 15 months.

Downloads and reports available

Customers can effectively manage their accounts with the ability to download bills, run reports and analyse their call data, enabling them to drill down into any detail required.


Enlighten Premium enables your customers to self-serve, integrating directly with the applicable suppliers to arrange SIM swaps and to switch bars on/ off for individual mobile numbers.*

Monitor usage

Through Enlighten Premium your customers can keep track of their unbilled usage throughout the month, reducing surprises and monitoring call, data and SMS usage on a daily basis.*

Branded to your own identity

The Enlighten portal is hosted by us, but can be accessed from your website. It is designed to be a continuation of your online service offering, following your branding and aiming to fit with the style of your website.

Secure system with permissions

Customers can be assured that their account information is hosted in a secure environment, only accessible by them via a username and password. You can set user levels both inside your own organisation with differing permissions as well as for customers.


API support

Inform Billing’s API enables you to simply read, or read/ write to Eclipse NG, seamlessly integrating billing with almost any other "best-of breed" business system. Contact us to discuss your software integration requirements.

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