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Enlighten Billing

Giving online access and self-service options to your customers

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Online customer billing portal

The Enlighten billing portal enables your end-customers to easily view, download and analyse their billing information. Our premium version also features self-service options as well as additional monitoring and access functionality. Securely hosted by us, Enlighten can be branded to match your own corporate identity and can be accessed from your website.


Benefits of Enlighten

24/7 access

Self-service options

Fully branded

Securely hosted


24/7 access

Through Enlighten your customers can view their charges and itemisations, as and when they need to – both for the current period and historically over the past twelve months.


Enlighten Online Billing Overview


Enlighten Branding Options



Downloads and reports

Customers can effectively manage their accounts with the ability to download bills, run reports and analyse their call data, enabling them to drill down into any detail required.



Enlighten Premium enables your customers to self-serve, integrating directly with the applicable suppliers to arrange SIM swaps and to switch bars on/ off for individual mobile numbers.


Monitor usage

Through Enlighten Premium your customers can keep track of their unbilled usage throughout the month, reducing surprises and monitoring call, data and SMS usage on a daily basis.

Secure system with permissions

Customers can be assured that their account information is hosted in a secure environment, only accessible by them via a username and password. You can set user levels both inside your own organisation with differing permissions as well as for customers.

Securely hosted

The Enlighten portal is hosted by Inform Billing but can be accessed through your own website. You don’t have to worry about system maintenance and can easily add a simple link to your existing website. Our applications are regularly penetration tested and are hosted in a secure UK data centre which has the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification.

Plans and Pricing



Enlighten Premium

24/7 online access

Securely hosted

User level permissions for reseller and end-customers

View and download current charges and itemisations

View and download current and historic bills

Reporting suite to analyse spend and call data

View and download current and historic sales invoices

Self-service add/remove mobile call barring*

Self-service SIM swaps*

Self-service update usernames and cost-centres

Monitor daily unbilled usage*

* Available with Abzorb, Gamma Mobile, Giacom, Zest 4

Since moving to Eclipse we have halved the bill run and have never ever got bills out as early in the month as we do now!  Our team is jumping for joy because they now have two weeks in every month to look at internal processes.  Before it was a vicious circle of completing the bill run, having a week to deal with queries and issue credits and then straight back onto the next bill run.  Now we can breathe.

Paul Hallam

Operations Director

Having a billing partner that works as an extension to our team, who understands the market and whose platform has the flexibility to meet our diverse customer requirements, has been fundamental in achieving our growth. We deal with several large telcos who all seem to struggle with billing, whilst Eclipse NG takes data from 1.9 million of our SIMs and copes admirably.

Tony Mann

Operations Director

As an IT company, we’re passionate about using technology to improve business performance and bring about greater efficiencies for the team. Since partnering with Inform Billing we have eradicated manual processing and reduced our resource commitment to billing by 50%. We would definitely recommend them.

James Healey

Chief Operating Officer


API integration

Eclipse NG can communicate with other software packages either through our read/ write API or as an export/ import routine. Our API will work with all operation systems including CRM, accounting, provisioning and direct debit software programmes.

  • API Integration

  • Direct export/ import

  • File transfer

  • Speak to us about your integration requirements

The No1 billing platform & client portal for everyone

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