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IT services billing

Our adaptable, cloud-based billing solutions enable you to charge based on flat rates, usage, number of users and more, meeting the full needs of your customers through a single monthly invoice.

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How can IT services billing help you?

The billing requirement for Managed Service Providers, for IT & Data billing, is continually evolving with a growing focus on recurring or subscription revenues. This means that the reseller community is adapting to the changing environment of how services are packaged, which in turn is leading to more complex billing requirements.

For this reason IT service providers need a solution that provides flexible billing functionality. For example, as-a-service models can charge based on flat rates, usage, number of users, and more. In addition, they can bill for software or cloud-based applications based on tiers or a-la-carte menus.

These billing models are in addition to some of the other common strategies, including incentive-based, per feature, shared risk-reward, and subscription. If we take pricing strategies one step further, some providers are charging by the second, a tactic that until recently was unprecedented. Taking advantage of one or more of these billing models across a vast portfolio of offerings isn’t easy and many times not straightforward.

The majority of accounting and IT management software systems allow for billing of recurring charges, but generally at a fairly simplistic level and many resellers find that they quickly outgrow the capabilities of these systems – particularly when highly tailored and unique pricing comes into play.

Inform Billing’s Eclipse billing system is a powerful but cost-effective solution that allows for greater flexibility of billing for any recurring charge, but with the added benefit that those billed charges can still be managed through the customers chosen accounts package. This is either done through API integration or a simple export process.


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The invoice to the customer is simple, but the detailed and meaningful analytics behind these can be monitored through the platform’s comprehensive reporting suite. Eclipse’s robust revenue assurance tools also verify all incoming costs from suppliers accounting for every line, charge and service delivered, maximising revenues as far as possible.

With continued convergence of voice, IT and data services, Eclipse allows resellers the opportunity to provide multiple services on a single bill.


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