Inform Billing is an independent UK-based billing specialist, offering powerful solutions not just for telecoms, but for a wide range of subscription, usage and event-based billing scenarios.

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Telecoms billing

Designed specifically for the telecoms market, our software features a powerful rating engine helping you to deliver flexible and profitable commercial offerings, designed with your customer in mind.

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Mobile billing

With a strong background in mobile billing, we provide powerful flexibility for rating and bundling, as well as integrated self-service tools for end-customers to monitor usage, add bars and complete SIM swaps,

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IT services billing

Our adaptable, cloud-based billing solutions enable you to charge based on flat rates, usage, number of users and more, meeting the full needs of your customers through a single monthly invoice.

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Subscription billing

Our flexible software enables you to automatically bill subscriptions, including promotional periods, easily calculating the detail and any variances behind the scenes.

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Managed Print billing

The multi-level functionality of our billing software allows you to break down print volumes with separate charges for different outputs, invoicing customers in a clear and flexible way.

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Managed Service Provider (MSP) Billing

Our Automated MSP Billing Solution addresses the challenges of subscriptions, quantity changes and billing processes that occur throughout the month.

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IoT billing

Our scalable and versatile solutions gather data from any connected device and convert customer usage into profitable revenue streams, meeting diverse customer requirements.

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