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Enhancing Customer Experience

Posted on:Tuesday June 20, 2023

Welcome to the first of our Infocus series, where we explore more about the people and departments behind Inform Billing.  Rob Beenham shares insights into his Role at Inform Billing that supports ‘Enhancing Customer Experience and Team Collaboration’.

Inform Billing have recently been shortlisted in the Channel Champions Awards 2023 for their Technical Support and Engineering Team, following exceptional positive feedback from customers. The credit goes to the dedicated team behind the scenes. Rob Beenham, a Project Support Analyst at Inform Billing, opens up about his role, responsibilities, and experiences, within the Technical and Support Engineering Team, shedding light on what makes Inform Billing stand out. 

As a Project Support Analyst, Rob primarily focuses on onboarding larger new customers to the Eclipse NG platform. His expertise lies in streamlining the migration phase of onboarding, ensuring a smooth transition for clients. Additionally, Rob is actively involved in customer support, aiding all our customers with day-to-day queries and questions. 

A typical day for Rob starts with a support scrum, where urgent customer support requirements are discussed, and a plan is implemented to try and resolve them. This is followed by a projects meeting, where the team shares progress and collaborates to help one another. Rob then dives into the tasks he has set for himself, managing multiple long-term projects simultaneously while dedicating specific time slots for consistent progress. 

Rob’s dedication to providing exceptional customer service is evident in his willingness to go above and beyond. During the onboarding of one of Inform Billing’s customers, Rob frequently put in extra hours, making small adjustments to ensure a smooth go-live process. On the day of the launch, Rob worked extensively with the customer until they were happy with the final checks and successfully achieving a satisfactory outcome. The customer’s happiness was a testament to Rob’s commitment to exceeding expectations. 

Rob commented:  

“Inform Billing have given me free reign to develop the department and the freedom to utilise my Excel/VBA skills to work efficiently. I feel proud knowing I have done a good job, contributing to the overall success of the team.” 

Rob’s recent completion of the Prince 2 project management qualification has further enhanced his abilities in his role. The qualification has provided him with clear practices and structures, enabling him to stay organised and effectively manage his time, priorities, and project completion. 

Matt Bodsworth, Billing Operations Manager, Inform Billing commented:  

“It’s great having Rob in the team, his dedication to see the job through to the end is second to none and developing his skill set within the team has demonstrated our belief and commitment in Rob as a valued key member of the team. Ultimately this translates into our goal of continuously improving the customer journey.” 

When comparing his experience with previous teams, Rob highlights the expertise and diverse skill set of the Inform Billing team. With team members possessing a variety of skills and excelling in their respective areas, they seamlessly cover for each other, fostering a cohesive and supportive environment. 

Recently re-vamped, with exceptional feedback, the Inform Billing Live Chat functionality serves as a fully integrated effective tool to promptly address minor issues before they escalate. Customers can instantly connect with the support team, enabling them to take control of the session where required. This allows for ease of access between customers, with support staff playing a pivotal role in ensuring customer satisfaction.

Customer reviews (good, neutral, bad) are collected at the end of each chat to provide clarity and the potential for follow-up action. Review ratings are currently standing at 98% Good!

Some example comments:

“Amazing support from Rob, quick and easy to deal with. Thanks Rob”

“Excellent help. Thanks Rob”

“Quick response. Very helpful”

“Awesome again”

“Happy and quick reply as always”

Rob added: “Positive feedback is always great to hear, and within the team we have become slightly competitive in striving for high ratings, we all want to help the most customers and get the best feedback!” 

Reflecting on my time at Inform Billing, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be part of a great group of people. I had only really worked in a factory environment whilst at university, so I really appreciate the investment made in me and the sense of belonging within the Inform Billing community.” 

With Rob’s dedication, expertise, and the collaborative spirit of the Inform Billing team, the company continues to enhance its reputation as a customer-centric organisation, providing best-in-class services and exceeding customer expectations. 


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