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Not all billing solutions are the same

Posted on:Friday December 6, 2013

Two key features any billing platform needs are accuracy and the ability to get bills out on time, but billing solutions offer much more than this today.  It is often the ‘extras’ that billing companies provide for resellers that enable them to provide a better service to their clients or indeed help them to sell more products and applications.

At Inform Billing Solutions it is our vast experience and hands-on approach that our customers see as providing that additional value.  The vast majority of our customers come to us when they are taking their billing in-house for the first time, therefore support and training from experts who know when and how to make that change is essential.

We focus on working with resellers to help them ‘bill better’.  We work with customers to implement a set of processes and checks they can carry out to quickly identify potential areas of concern.

But billing doesn’t start and stop with the bill run – the ‘extras’ for the reseller come from being able to analyse their billing data to identify further opportunities; additional revenue streams for the reseller and areas of cost saving for the client.  Inform Billing Solutions’ flagship Eclipse platform has in-built flexible reporting tools to provide resellers and customers with more control and visibility.

That said, essentially all of the well-known billing platforms on the market will do the same thing, but of course as with any software there will be differences in usability and some functionality.  The most noticeable differences for customers lie in the levels of training and on-going support that a re-seller can expect to receive.

At Inform Billing Solutions we provide a full training programme to ensure resellers get the most out of the Eclipse platform, as well as on-going support both throughout implementation and for each billing run.  In a recent customer survey 100% of customers who responded said they were satisfied with the ongoing support they receive and 96% would go out of their way to recommend the company.


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