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What should resellers look for in a billing provider?

Posted on:Wednesday November 19, 2014

Essentially most of the billing platforms on the market will do the same thing, to a certain degree.  Software can be customised and developers are continually working away on the next release of enhancements.  Despite the relatively short length of contracts on offer, choosing a billing partner is often a long-term decision with customers only opting to move their billing when they absolutely have to.  Therefore, resellers often find that it is the company providing the billing solutions where the real value can be found.

If you are looking for a billing partner, here are some tips on what to look for:

  1. Take recommendations from the channel.  Carriers often know and are more than happy to refer you to a provider who supports their other customers well.
  2. Look for an independent provider who works with a wide range of carriers.  They can give you advice on getting the most from your channel relationships.  Be cautious of providers connected to companies selling products which compete with yours.
  3. Find out what level of support you can expect both during implementation and on an ongoing basis.  Not only can support packages vary dramatically, but some larger providers may very automated in their approach.  Billing is a fundamental part of all businesses but you need to have the confidence that the provider understands all the nuances involved in your business.
  4. See if they can demonstrate high levels of customer satisfaction.  Do they regularly ask their customers for feedback and do they then act on it?  Always make the time to speak to any references provided, and ask for examples of customers in similar situations to yourself.
  5. Find out about their knowledge and expertise of the industry.  Has anyone working there ever been a customer or used their product as a re-seller?  Look for a provider that can advise on challenges facing your business.

Here at Inform Billing the vast majority of our customers come to us when they are taking their billing in-house for the first time, therefore experience, empathy, support and training from experts who know when and how to make that change is essential.  This is where we add significant value – our job is not just to provide billing software but also to offer additional services, where appropriate, to help new entrants into the re-sale market.

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