Help centre

Inform Billing has an online Help Centre and product FAQ section for all Eclipse NG users, providing a wealth of easily accessible resources to refer to.

With bite-sized user-guides for key processes, the Help Centre includes a range of specific topics such as data entry – ‘How to create a product’ and ‘How to create a sell rating table’ – all the way through to completing a full bill run.  Based on user feedback, we are adding more advanced topics all the time.

There is also an FAQ section, split out by themes and including the following:

  • Responses to common queries
  • Did you know? guides
  • Upgrade notes

The whole knowledge base is searchable and not only stores your recently viewed articles, but also highlights any updated or recently added articles.

Accessing the Help Centre

The Help Centre is built on the same Zendesk portal used for raising support tickets, therefore if you already have a Zendesk login you will be able to use this to access the Help Centre.  Otherwise when you first visit you will be asked to provide an email address; you will then be automatically sent an email with a link to create your own login.

You can access the Help Centre using the banner below or, once registered, directly from within Zendesk.

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