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NEW: Automated MSP Billing Solution

Posted on:Tuesday September 19, 2023

Inform Billing Unveils Automated MSP Billing Solution: Simplifying Subscription Management for Managed Service Providers 

The Automated MSP Billing Solution is specifically designed to streamline subscription management for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), addressing the challenges of subscriptions, quantity changes and billing processes that occur throughout the month. 

As companies frequently switch subscribers on and off during the month, MSPs face the daunting task of accurately billing their clients. The Automated MSP Billing Solution from Inform Billing transforms this process by enabling MSPs to bill “like for like” in their transactions, ensuring accurate and efficient invoicing. The solution can be tailored to various suppliers, by supporting product mapping to significantly reduce the need for any manual billing interventions, key examples include:  

Microsoft 365 Premium/Standard, Exchange Mailbox, Email Security, Bitdefender/Anti-virus, Acronis/Business Backups, Exclaimer Cloud, Azure Storage/Server Charges, OneDrive for Business, Pax8 cloud distribution platform, Inty and Giacom. 

The Inform Billing Automated MSP Billing Solution also enables MSPs to efficiently manage different pricing levels, for the same product, based on differing contractual commitments.  The module provides a full audit trail, helping where there is a requirement to self-declare and if audited as an MSP. 

Clare Lai, Head of Product and Quality Assurance at Inform Billing, commented:  

“We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of our Automated MSP Billing Solution. Designed to empower Managed Service Providers, this powerful tool simplifies subscription management and enhances billing processes. After months of dedicated development, we are confident that our new product will dramatically improve how MSPs handle subscriptions, quantity changes, and billing transactions throughout the month. We look forward to helping MSPs streamline their operations and deliver exceptional billing experiences to their clients.” 

Key features of the Automated MSP Billing Solution include: 

  • Easy Subscription Billing: Easily manage subscriptions, effortlessly adding or removing billed subscribers as needed. Changes in quantity or subscription status are automatically tracked, allowing for up-to-date and accurate billing. 
  • Service Charges: The solution provides comprehensive tracking of service charges associated with each subscription. This ensures transparency and accuracy in billing for both the MSP and end-customers, eliminating any ambiguity in the billing process. 
  • Overage / Data Storage Charge: Many MSPs offer overage / data storage as part of their service offerings. The Automated MSP Billing Solution accurately calculates overage / data storage charges for each subscriber, ensuring precise billing based on their usage. In cases where subscribers exceed their allocated resources, such as storage limits or bandwidth, the system automatically calculates and applies one-off overage / data storage charges. This allows MSPs to recover costs associated with additional resources utilised by their clients. 

By implementing Inform Billing’s Automated MSP Billing Solution, Managed Service Providers can significantly improve their operational efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance customer satisfaction. The solution’s automation capabilities streamline billing processes, allowing MSPs to focus on delivering exceptional services to their clients. 

For more information about Inform Billing’s Automated MSP Billing Solution and its complete range of billing and automation solutions, please visit

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