Branding & Whitelabels

Branding and duel-branding bills

When deciding how to brand your bills, the choice really is yours.  Our Eclipse billing platform provides the option to bill in your own branding, to bill in a partners branding or to duel-brand your bills.

You may wish to duel-brand some or all of your bills, perhaps with the dealer or partner that signed up the customer, or another affiliate such as a charity.

You can detail which brand or brands you wanted to feature and decide how you want the branding to appear on each customer bill.  To make this even easier we have a standard format although custom invoice styles can also be created for a small fee.

White label billing

If you have already got a billing platform, but are not able to offer alternative or secondary branding on bills, we can still help.

As a service provider you may wish to allow your dealer/reseller customers to bill their end customers in their own name. If your existing billing platform is not able to provide this functionality and in-house development would be too costly or time consuming, then come to us.

Through Inform Billing’s Eclipse billing platform we can take a billing feed from other billing platforms and re-create bills with different branding. This can be done via a self-managed or outsourced option, but whichever way, we remain invisible to all parties.

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