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Shelve your in-house system and opt for ‘off the shelf’

Posted on:Sunday January 12, 2014

In years gone by providers developed in-house billing systems, partly because of the lack of available billing systems on the market and partly because they believed they could do better themselves.  Many believed their needs were bespoke and in-house software development would be the only way to fulfil these needs sufficiently.

Unfortunately this approach often left providers caught in a vicious and costly circle of development and maintenance, supporting legacy billing systems.  The systems require continued development to keep up with market changes – such as serving new products and services offered by the provider and working with emerging technologies.

For those that persevere with their in-house systems, all development and maintenance costs have to be carried internally.  The opportunity to share experiences and benefit from others’ experiences of using the software is missed as well as benefiting from their demands on the system for development.

In contrast, a specialist provider has experience of all customers to feed into their development road map.  The cost of development is spread out, indirectly, across their wide ranging customer base.

This is why it is often far more cost effective to bite the bullet, shelve the legacy system and move to an ‘off the shelf’ product from a specialist provider.

Inform Billing Solutions is one of these specialist providers, offering billing software and services to telecoms, IT, VoIP and managed print re-sellers.  With a management team boasting over 40 years’ billing experience, its flagship ‘Eclipse’ billing platform benefits from more than 10 years continuous development.

Eclipse is an ‘out of the box’ product, but where a customer has truly bespoke needs, individual add-ons are built and integrated into their system.  Fully supported in-house by Inform Billing Solutions, training is provided at set-up and for new users when required and ongoing support is available as standard.


Find out more about Eclipse or contact us to find out if the time is right for you to make that move.

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